The Isle of Prince Rupert

Planning your next vacation? Try Prince Rupert.


“The Isle of who? Which prince?” These are questions that you are probably asking, precisely because you don’t really know, or at the very least, you haven’t yet heard of the Isle of Prince Rupert in British Colombia. If that’s the case, well, there’s actually a lot that you’re missing. For instance, while you’re all caught up in the idea of an Amsterdam holiday, with all your imaginings of what to do in Amsterdam, there are actually other choices left unthought of – and one of those places is the Isle of Prince Rupert.

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Top Facts You Didn’t Know About Prince Rupert Island


Fact #1: The island was named after (who else?) Prince Rupert of the Rhine. Although Rupert was a man of many skills and accomplishments, he was most notable for his exploration of North America. His fearless and bold explorations have led to the development of the area, causing him to earn the privilege of having an entire island named after him.

Fact #2: Prince Rupert prides itself in being the deepest ice-free natural harbor in all of North America. For years Prince Rupert owed its growth and economy to fishing and mill-related industries and it’s not much of a wonder with its sheltered harbours and varied options of fish. However, it goes beyond that, too. Prince Rupert’s harbour, while being the deepest in North America is also the 3rd deepest natural harbours in the world.

Fact #3: Here’s something for Prince Rupert’s firsts. Because of its location and its deep harbor, Prince Rupert has become the first inbound and last outbound port of call for cargo ships traveling between eastern Asia and western North America. That’s quite an achievement, for an island that you hadn’t heard of until now.

Fact #4: The Isle of Prince Rupert has a naturally diverse climate. If you’re feeling like the more adventurous type, or if you just want to make more memories that you can eventually brag about with your friends, then this island is definitely for you. (Surprise, surprise: in Prince Rupert, you just might find yourself face to face with a grizzly bear, because they boast of an amazing Grizzly Bear Sanctuary.)

Fact #5: It is traditionally known as the territory of the Tsimshian First Nation. Thanks to the Tsimshian, Gitxsan, Nis ga’a, Haida, and Heiltsuk people, Prince Rupert has become a vibrant and culturally diverse city. While here take a trip to Laxspa’aws, now called Pike Island, which was last inhabited 1,800 years ago and walk through the archaeological sites. That’s certainly a great way to get in touch with the roots of the human race, isn’t it?

Fact #6: Wanna see some museums? The Isle of Prince Rupert is the home of the Museum of Northern British Colombia (BC). Being a gateway to North American has its share of expectations associated with it. Prince Rupert is, unquestionably, an ideal place to first experience Canadian cultural values and a great place to learn more about the heritage that Canadians share starts at the Museum of Northern BC.